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Description from the App Store

MewDB is a clean and simple Pokédex app for Pokemon GO you’ll ever need, made by Pokémon enthusiasts to help Pokémon enthusiasts get the best out of your Pokémons.


  • Search and get details on any Generation I Pokémon
  • Have an edge at battles by knowing which Pokémon are strong or weak against a Pokémon
  • Make informed decision on which Pokémons to keep and evolve based on their attacks
  • Calculate the resulting CP of a Pokémon after evolution
  • Explore and read about Pokémons you’ve not caught yet

You can download this app by clicking here. This app is currently only available for Android devices, but will be released on IOS shortly.

Pokedex App 1 Pokedex App 2

Our Review

The MewDB application for Android phones is very simple to use and offers a simplistic interface in order to not get lost within the hundreds of Pokémon that are stored within it. If you are out an about taking Gyms, then this app will be for you. It offers a complete range of information on each and every Pokémon that is currently in Pokémon Go, allowing you to get the best out of your own Pokémon while you are out and about in the world.

Something that is also handy to use, but not completely obvious that it is there, is the built in CP calculator tool. You can find this by clicking on a Pokémon and then scrolling down to the bottom of that Pokémon page. Since there are many other CP calculators out there, ours included, we used some dummy data to confirm that the numbers were very close to, and if not the same as, other calculators out there. The numbers all came back perfectly fine which leads us to believe that this calculator is legit and will help you estimate the CP of your evolved Pokémon.

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