Wave of account bans going out

If you use your Pokémon Go account to access any form of third party applications then you may find that your account has either recently been banned, or is in line to be banned very shortly. Many users have been permanently terminated due to breaking the games Terms of Service and are being sent the following from Niantic:

Pokémon Account Bans

If you have not been sent the above from Niantic, then you may see one of the following screens instead when trying to access the game:

Account Ban Image 1 Account Ban Image 2

Types of Bans

There are several different types of bans that your account can get.

  • Soft IP Ban – Will ban your IP address but not your account. This is a non permanent ban that will stop all account on the IP address from seeing Pokéstops and Pokémon.
  • Hard IP Ban – Will permanently ban your IP address from accessing Pokémon Go.
  • Soft Ban – This is account specific and there are multiple types of soft bans:
    • Spinning Pokéstops will give you nothing and Pokémon will always run away on the first ball that you throw.
    • Spinning Pokéstops is fine but Pokémon will always run away on the first ball that you throw.
    • All Pokéstops stay out of range and no Pokémon will ever spawn.
  • Hard Bans – This is a permanent ban that will stop you from accessing Pokémon Go any more from your account.

Wrongfully Banned?

If you have been banned, but haven’t been breaking any of the Terms of Service, then you are able to appeal the ban. You can do this be heading over to this link and filling out the form.

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