New Pokémon tracker being tested

With the most recent update to Pokémon Go there was a slight change to the tracker for everyone with the Pokémon ‘nearby’ being changed to ‘Sightings’. However, it looks like Niantic are testing a newer tracker in certain parts of the world.

With the latest update, you will see the following screen when you open up the Pokémon Sightings screen:

Sightings Change

But now, players in San Fransisco are reporting that they are being used to test a newer version of the tracker. We would like to credit reddit user altryne for the images provided. In the test, you now have ‘nearby’ Pokémon as well as the sightings tab as shown below:

Tracker Changes

This new change will allow you to get a rough idea of where the Pokémon are by having a small image of the location behind the Pokémon. You can then click on the Pokémon to view a bigger version of the image, as shown below:

Tracker Change 2

If you then click on the view option, you will then go back to the game with an indicator above the Pookéstop that your Pokémon is nearest to. You should then head to this location in order to try and catch your Pokémon.

Tracker Change 3

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